Account Management

Custom Travel Solutions’ Account Managers provide value to customers by working together and ensuring that a rigorous process is followed to manage your travel program


Budget & Planning

  • Establish goals and benchmarks to monitor the effectiveness of your travel program.
  • Create a three year management strategy that includes a program roll-out plan, OBT implementation plan, customer service measures, and quarterly and annual business reviews.

Travel Policy

  • Review and, if required, update the travel policy to achieve plan goals.
  • Create a communication and policy implementation strategy to ensure buy-in and compliance.

Supplier Relations

  • Engage vendors to ensure best-value is being attained from current agreements and identify possible missed opportunities.
  • Ensure plan goals are being met by implementing new programs where required.

Expense Management

  • Review current reimbursement processes to identify potential lost savings opportunities.
  • Ensure efficient reconciliation of expenses through implementation of tools.

Payment Options

  • Introduce a Business Travel Account for all aspects of corporate travel to ensure maximum financial benefit to you and support Expense Management initiatives.
  • Review current card program to identify areas of improvement, if any.

Booking Processes

  • Implement and support I-BOOK online booking tool solution in combination with a full service, designated team for your company.
  • Measure OBT adoption and customer satisfaction to ensure company goals related to cost management and policy compliance are being met.