Travel Technology

Custom Travel Solutions has a variety of technology solutions that aid in the efficient and cost effective booking of travel.

Based on the size of your company’s travelling population, the nature of your company’s travel policy, and any demand for national or global networks, we will recommend, implement, train and support sophisticated online booking corporate solutions tailored for your unique needs. Powered by industry standard tools, your online program can be standalone or fully integrated with our full service offering to provide a seamless service for both simple and complex travel needs.

  • Desktop access to commercial flights as well as the ability to add chartered aircraft inventory
  • Best available content across segments of any GDS system
  • GDS content supplemented with key low cost carrier content via direct connects allowing you access to the lowest Air Canada fares on AC2U and lower cost US carriers like Southwest
  • The AC2U Direct Connect interface to Air Canada includes full support of Flight Passes, credits, a la carte merchandising and promo codes
  • The ability to support multiple countries, multiple GDS systems and multiple TMCs (i.e. Custom Travel in Canada and a TSI partner in another geography) under a single company instance for easy roll-up of multinational customer data
  • Leading-edge mobility solutions that address the needs of 80% or more of business travellers, including younger, more tech-savvy employees, who rely on smart phones
  • An easy to train and understand interface ensures limited ‘push back’ from employees and travel arrangers