Workforce Logistics

Today’s workforce is mobile and global in scope. Our solution can be built to provide you the tools to move workers through commercial channels and charter aircraft, buses and camp accommodation – seamlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Control inbound commercial air costs to hubs
  • Maximize utilization of chartered aircraft and ability to build to camp management systems
  • Coordinate ground transportation through our Custom Travel Fleet Services program
  • Where required or not previously established, we can secure charter aircraft, camp lodging and ground transport
  • Determine sell out or overbooked contingency strategies (for air, lodging and ground transportation) in advance
  • Allow travel arrangers and travellers to self-book and manage both commercial and charter air travel through a user friendly web interface
  • Reduce worker travel time and enhance their travel experience, saving costs related to labor hours and retention
  • Reduce the strain on internal resources and focus on your company’s core competencies

A detailed analysis of project plans and locations as well as worker schedules, will enable Custom Travel to develop a specific program for your company.

For more information on Custom Travel Solutions workforce logistics program, click here.